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A to Zundt Embroidery Event

Special Event - A to Zundt Embroidery Event

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NEW! Table Setting Project

Zundt projects


Using the Digital Camera technology, you’ll see how easy it is to perfectly place designs and connect patterns. To speed up the embroidery process, you’ll explore the monochrome feature and use sticky back stabilizer.

Explore the numerous built-in editing options to see how you can customize every project. Plus, we’ll use metallic thread to add a bit of shine to the elegant Zundt embroidery design.

Create freestanding lace with rayon thread and a dissolvable mesh stabilizer. You’ll then sew this beautiful piece of Zundt lace to the top edge of the wine bag to create an exquisite trim.

Have you ever tried embroidering on decorative screening? We’ll show you how easily this is accomplished! You’ll discover how simple it is to merge, rotate and combine designs for the perfect added detail. The combination of metallic and poly sheen threads adds just the right amount of sparkle to your new stylish table setting.

About Zundt Designs
The exquisite Swiss embroidery from the St. Gallen area decorated the homes and attire of 19th century Swiss aristocracy and even the White House. This elegant style became so popular it could be seen everywhere from the racetrack to popular fashion and at one point became the largest Swiss export. The Zundt family carries on this Swiss tradition in every embroidery collection, and now you can be a part of it! Zundt has created a Baby Lock exclusive collection that we want to share with you.
Uncover the secrets of Swiss embroidery at this Baby Lock exclusive two-day event. You will discover the unique beauty of Zundt embroidery designs as Baby Lock Zundt Certified Instructors teach embroidery techniques from A to Z. These Zundt designs are exclusive to Baby Lock - you won't find them anywhere else!

During the event, you will complete two pieces of a fourpiece dinner setting. You will receive the free Zundt designs, materials and instructions to complete the remaining two pieces. With each project, you will also learn new techniques. Zundt embroidery experts will instruct you on how to:
  • Create freestanding lace
  • Easily embroider continuous border designs
  • Embroider on different fabrics
  • Perfectly position designs

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