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Quilting Bundle
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Quilting Bundle

Model number: BLQ-B
Helpful accessories to start your next quilt
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  • Free Motion Gloves - medium/large
  • Sew Slip
  • Braid in a Day Quilt Patterns
  • Klasse 80/12 Quilt Needles or Klasse 90/14 Quilt Needles
  • Klasse 80/12 TopStitch Needles or Klasse 90/14 TopStitch Needles
  • Aerofil #120, 400M, off-white
  • Aerofil #120, 400M, gray khaki
  • Aerofil #120, 400M, gray
  • Aerofil #120, 400M, light gray
  • Aerofil #120, 400M, gray
  • Aerofil #120, 400M, gray
Crescendo (BLCR)
The Crescendo deluxe sewing and quilting machine is sure to make your next composition a masterpiece. Innovative features powered by Baby Lock IQ Technology™ add to a luxurious sewing and quilting experience.
Crown Jewel III (BLCJ18-3)
With an 18-inch throat space, the Crown Jewel III is the most popular size in longarm quilting machines and is ideal for quilters looking for more workspace and software. This feature-rich machine sews at an impressive 2,200 stitches per minute, while its built-in stitch regulator and Precision Stitch mode ensure smooth, precise stitching, even after hard stops and pauses.
Symphony (BLSY)
So many quilting features, the Symphony will be music to your ears. With 460 stitches, 17 feet, and a speed of 1,000 stitches per minute, you can hit all the right notes. These amazing features come together to allow you to quilt with a full range of creativity.
Tiara III (BLTR16-3)
As the first home sewing company to bring you longarm quilting, Baby Lock is proud to introduce the Tiara III.
Melody (BLMY)
When first experiencing the ease and convenience of the Melody, you'll know this machine was just made for you. The Melody has the features you've been looking for to quilt with confidence and to let your creativity grow, like a precise 1/4" stitch, easy threading and a wide quilting table.
Tempo (BLTP)
If you love the creativity that comes with quilting, the Tempo is the machine for you. There are no limits to your fabrics or stitches, so you can always have fun. And when you're ready to try new techniques, the Tempo will keep up.