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12 Sewing Tips and Resolutions for 2012

  1.  Start the New Year fresh - Have your machine cleaned and serviced

  2. "Remember to change your sewing machine needle(s) after every project. Needles can become dull and can snag fabric. New needles stitch crisp stitches. I recommend changing your needle(s) after 8 to 10 hours of sewing." --Eleanor Burns.

  3. To take advantage of limited sewing time, keep together all the supplies that you are using for each project so that if you have to abandon the project for a few weeks or even months, you can quickly get back to where you left off.

  4. Be sure to test sew even if you are doing something you have done before. If you forget to change certain settings on your machine, you will find the problem before you start on your actual project. Save yourself from ruining good pieces of fabric!

  5. "When you finish a project cut your leftover scraps into 5" squares, 10" squares, or 2 1/2" strips. Store them together with like size scraps, and on a rainy day pull them out and make a scrappy quilt." --Eleanor Burns.

  6. Use the hoop that is the closest size to your design. Many times, you will have a better quality stitch-out if you do several hoopings with a smaller hoop than trying to get all of the designs in a larger hoop.

  7. Resolve this year to learn the ins and outs of your software or machine by taking a Sew@Home online class.

  8. Slim down the stash - Go through those stacks of fabric, any pieces you no longer want, and try donating them to a local sewing guild, quilting guild, school or church group.

  9. Before tossing your old machine to the curb, call a local dealer and ask if they know of anyone that would have a use for it. In many cases, dealers will service the machine for free before donating. If it can't be fixed, allow the dealer to use the machine for parts. Either way it's out of your way and in the hands of someone who could get some mileage out of it.

  10. "When sewing for yourself and those you love, remember to sew at least one gift per year for someone you've never met." --Nancy Zieman

  11. Get inspired this year by subscribing to a sewing publication.

  12. Take time to sew for yourself.

Happy New Year!