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The best part about owning a Baby Lock sewing machine is using it to create all kinds of fun projects! Baby Lock has over a hundred projects to choose from, in every size, shape, and function available. Make beautiful decorations for your home or create the perfect gift for someone you love.

Baby Lock provides creative resources to the sewing enthusiast. Whether you’re new to sewing, or looking for a sewing project to use fabric scraps, you’ll find lots of easy sewing patterns at On each of our free sewing projects, you’ll find step-by-step directions, how to’s, and all you need to make these original sewing designs. Try your hand at sewing or teach someone else to sew using free sewing projects.

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 Intermediate Level 125 KB 

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Tags: sunflower, pincushion, needle felting, embellisher, wool roving, free needle felting project, Baby Lock

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 Intermediate Level 114 KB 
Tags: Free Quilting project, Baby Lock, Quilting, Quilter's Dream Series

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Tags: home decor, teepee, glow-in-the dark, free sewing project, childs room

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Tags: serger, jewelry, beading by serger, free serging project