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Your Baby Lock machine is just what you need for endless creative opportunities. And with the right accessories, you can do even...

Solaris Embroidery and Sewing Upgrade 2


Get more creative tools on your Solaris embroidery and sewing machine with this must have software upgrade. You'll also have the ability...

Destiny Embroidery and Sewing Upgrade II


Take your Destiny and Destiny II creative capabilities to a new level with this all-new software upgrade. You'll find loads of new...

Destiny Embroidery Upgrade I


Expand the creative capabilities of your Destiny embroidery machine. This software upgrade introduces 10 additional fills that give you greater power to...

Dual-Function Foot Control


Make sewing easier with the Dual Function Food Control. Start and stop your sewing machine, and perform 1 more convenient function with...

Ellegante Embroidery & Quilting Upgrade Package


Add even more features to the most advanced sewing and embroidery machine from Baby Lock, with the Ellegante Embroidery & Quilting Upgrade...

Ellegante Upgrade II Package


Current Ellegante owners and new Ellegante 2 owners can expand the options of their machine even further with the new Ellegante Upgrade...

Ellisimo Embroidery & Sewing Upgrade Kit I


Precise Touch Positioning for tricky design placement Enhanced design enlargement (up to 200%) and reduction capabilities (down to 60%) Bobbin Work capabilities...

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Pro-Stitcher Lite Quilting Software System for Gallant - BLPS-LITEG-VF & BLPS-LITEG-CF


Achieve show-level precision and quality with Baby Lock’s Pro-Stitcher Lite Quilting Software System. It comes equipped with everything you need to quickly...

Pro-Stitcher Lite Quilting Software System for Coronet - BLPS-LITEC-CF & BLPS-LITEC-VF


Achieve show-level precision and quality with Baby Lock’s Pro-Stitcher Lite Quilting Software System. It comes equipped with everything you need to quickly...

Design Database Transfer

Design Database Transfer

Managing your embroidery designs has never been easier! Download Design Database Transfer, a FREE data management tool, to easily view embroidery designs...

Pro-Stitcher Designer


Pro-Stitcher Designer™ gives you the ability to quickly design, edit, customize, export, and import any quilting motif you can imagine. SPECIAL FEATURES:...

Palette 11 Embroidery Software


Using this advanced embroidery digitizing software, you'll create and edit embroidery designs easier than ever before. Baby Lock Palette 11 software takes...

Palette 11 Upgrade


Using this advanced software, you'll create, edit and digitize embroidery designs easier than ever before. Upgrade your Palette 10 to bring your...

Palette 10 Embroidery Software


Palette 10 includes many features to make the production of even the largest projects fast and simple, with professional results. Several Baby...

Palette 10 upgrade


Create and edit embroidery designs with ease using the advanced technology of Baby Lock Palette 10 Creative Embroidery software. Update Palette versions...

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