Where do I set-up my new Love of Knowledge Membership?

CLICK HERE. Select “Login/Register” farther down on the page. Select “Create an account” button. Complete the information requested including the Love of Knowledge access code. and click hte "Create Account" button.

I have a Love of Knowledge membership, but the website is trying to charge me for the classes. I thought with my membership there was no charge for the classes.

Check the website you are on. You may be on the Sew at Home website instead of the Love of Knowledge website. The Love of Knowledge website pulls some of its classes from the Sew at Home website, but gives you access to them at no additional charge. If you are asked to add to cart, checkout or use an access code, you are on the Sew at Home website. Click here to go to the Love of Knowledge website.

Who do I contact if I have other general questions about the Sew @ Home or Love of Knowledge video class system?

Go to the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of any web page on the Sew @ Home/Love of Knowledge site OR email us directly using sewathome@tacony.com

Where can I see what video classes are available?

CLICK HERE This is a PDF list of all the current Sew @ Home/Love of Knowledge video classes and includes the Class Title, Class Level (Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced), and Class Description.  for each class.

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