Klasse 6Pc Garment Maker Needle Variety Tin

6pc Klasse Garment Maker Needle Variety Tin- Includes (1) AA5100.080 Klasse Universal 80/12,6 needle cassette, (1) AA5100.070 Klasse Universal 70/10,6 needle cassette, (1) AA5102.090 Klasse Stretch 90/14,6 needle cassette, (1) AA5150.030 Klasse Twin Universal 3.0mm, 1 needle cassette, (1) AA5103.090 Klasse Jeans 90/14, 6 needle cassette, & (1) AA5101.991 Klasse Ballpoint Assort 70/10 (x2), 80/12 (x2), 90/14 (x2) cassette. Also includes QR code to instructional video on when to change needles, how to change needles, uses of each needle, and more!

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