Klasse 6Pc Serger Hax1Sp Needle Variety Tin

6pc Klasse Serger HAX1SP Needle Variety Tin- Includes (2) AA5170.E Klasse Serger HAX1SP 80/12,4 needle cassettes, (1) AA5102.075 Klasse Stretch 75/11, 6 needle casette,(1) AA5102.090 Klasse Stretch 90/14, 6 needle cassette, (1) AA5101.991 Klasse Ballpoint Needle Assort 70/10 (2x), 80/12 (x2), 90/14 (x2), & (1) AA5118.090 Klasse Topstitch 90/14,6 needle cassette. Also includes QR code to instructional video on when to change needles, how to change needles, uses of each needle, and more! For Baby Lock Acclaim, Celebrate, Victory, And Vibrant Sergers

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