Debbie Martinez

In her role as a Baby Lock Educator, Debbie sees herself as both a teacher and a motivator.

"Most creators get stuck in a rut and never seem to expand out. My job is to get them to reach down deep and find their voice in creativity."

She added that sewing's unique ability to renew a creative drive is one of its defining and most attractive features.

"The part I love about sewing and quilting is letting the inner child come out with the freeness of creativity. Not being afraid to try something new and exciting. The passion for something just learned is exciting when taken to the next level," she said.

Debbie has been in the sewing and quilting industry for more then 25 years, composing garments, costumes, and home decor. During that time, she's taught countless people how to sew and quilt and to bring out their creative side.

"The best part of teaching is to share what I know, never holding back. To see the face of someone do what they said they can't," she said. I love the success that comes with finishing a project and a student's sense of self achievement student."

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