Dec 21, 2005
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Crazy Patch Teddy Bear

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Always wanted to try crazy patch but you don’t need another wall hanging? Stitch a crazy patch teddy bear! This teddy bear is made from a McCall’s Carol Zoo pattern and only has two main pieces so it is an easy way to try your hand at making a stuffed animal. Download printable instructions.


  • 1/8 yard or remnant pieces of: Red and black suede Red and white satin Red and white velveteen Red white and black velveteen
  • Baby Lock No show Mesh Stabilizer
  • Heart embroidery design (Optional)
  • Baby Lock Dissolve-Away Mesh (Optional)
  • All-purpose thread
  • Embroidery thread in red black and white
  • Twelve 4mm pearls
  • Three small ribbon roses
  • Hand sewing needle that will go through the pearls
  • Ball point pen


  • Baby Lock Sewing Machine
  • Carol's Zoo bear pattern printed by McCall's


  1. Cut apart the pattern pieces. We will be using pieces one two and three.

  2. Trace pieces one and three onto the Baby Lock No Show Mesh Stabilizer using the ball point pen.

    1. Make sure to trace two fronts and two backs flipping the pattern piece so they mirror image for a left and right side.

  3. Cut the fabric into smaller pieces approximately 2" to 4" sections.

  4. Thread the machine with all purpose thread and select a straight stitch.

  5. Place two pieces right sides together and place them on one of the stabilizer pieces.

  6. Stitch through all layers along one edge of the fabrics with a 1/4-inch seam. Fold the top layer open and press.

  7. Position another piece of fabric along one of the edges and continue stitching and flipping the fabrics until you have covered the outline of the bear piece.

    1. By covering the pattern piece outline you are only creating the crazy patch fabric you need rather than crazy patching yardage that will be trimmed away.

  8. Continue this process for the remaining bear pieces. Then press all the pieces.

  9. Thread the needle with embroidery thread and select a decorative stitch. Stitch over some of the seams on each bear piece.

    1. Change the needle thread color and decorative stitch and repeat the process. Continue changing needle thread colors and decorative stitches until all seems are covered.

  10. Press. Then cut the bear pattern pieces out using the lines on the stabilizer.

  11. Follow the directions on the McCall Pattern for basic assembly.

  12. Note: If using safety eyes:

    1. Use small piece of cut-away stabilizer or interfacing to add durability to the area.

    2. Use an eyelet punch (comes with many machine models) to punch a small hole for the eye stem.

    3. Cut a circle approximately 1 1/2" of felt or batting place this over the stem of the eye before the locking disk.

    4. This will keep you from pulling the disk through the fabric and will aid in shaping the face.

  13. Stuff the bear and whipstitch the opening closed.

  14. Set up the embroidery machine and thread it with white embroidery thread.

  15. Transfer the heart design to the machine.

  16. Hoop a piece of Baby Lock Dissolve-Away Mesh.

  17. Embroider the design twice. Then rinse the stabilizer and let the lace heart dry.

  18. Hand-stitch the hearts ribbon roses and pearls on as desired.

  19. Tie a ribbon around the bear's neck and give the bear to your valentine!

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