Mar 13, 2019
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Decoratively Stitched Cape

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Brighten up your wardrobe with this fun and stylish cape! Use the decorative stitches on your Baby Lock Solaris or any sewing or embroidery machine to achieve a custom look. Add the stitching to the borders or all over! With this garment your creativity can run wild! Download printable instructions.


  • Vogue Pattern V9038 or similar style cape
  • Melton Wool (Yellow)
  • Madeira® Cotona thread for sewing (2 spools of the same brown thread)
  • Twin needle 4.00 Size 80
  • Pressing cloth
  • Sewing clips
  • Basic sewing supplies



  1. Before you begin read the pattern guide sheet completely. In the sample View B was used. Cut out the pattern pieces for View B.

  2. Set up the machine for sewing.

  3. Sew the sections together while following Steps 1 and 2 for Cape B on the guide sheet.

    1. Wind several bobbins using the brown thread.

  4. To hem the cape: Follow the directions as stated in Step 3 on the guide sheet. To cut down the bulk along the bottom turn the edge under 5/8” and stitch the edge using a twin needle.

    1. Turn under 5/8” to the backside of the cape along the lower edge of the cape. Use clips to hold in place. Using a pressing cloth press the hem on the wool setting.

    2. Set up the machine for twin needle sewing and insert the twin needle.

    3. Thread both needles using a separate spool for each of the needles. I threaded each of the needles manually.

    4. Sew around the lower edge of the cape with the right side of the cape facing up. Go at a moderate speed.

  5. To create the decorative stitches on the edge follow the next set of steps:

    1. After the hem is sewn remove the twin needles.

    2. Remove the “J” foot.

    3. Attach the “N” foot.

    4. Remove one of the spools of thread. (Only one spool will be used for applying the decorative stitches.)

    5. Select Character Decorative Stitches on the Solaris. On another machine just choose decorative stitches you like.

    6. Select the first row of stitches from a list of 861 decorative stitches.

    7. Select the Guide Lines Angle Lines or Grid Lines markers for perfect stitch placement. These markers will help for aligning the stitches.

    8. Tip: Do a test sew on a strip of the same fabric that will be used. Use the marker that works best for you along with the decorative stitch.

    9. In the sample no stabilizer was used but your fabric may be lighter weight and may need the extra stabilization.

    10. Sew around the lower edge of the cape close to the twin needle stitches using the first row of decorative stitches. When using decorative stitches the machine goes slower.

    11. Sew around the lower edge of the cape close to the twin needle stitches using the first row of decorative stitches. The machine goes much slower to form the design

    12. After the first row has been completed click the IQ™ Visionary Projector. Use the stylus to select a new stitch by clicking the plus or minus symbol on the fabric.

    13. After you have selected your second stitch do another test sew on the sample strip of the fabric. After you have verified that it has sewn perfectly continue sewing.

    14. Apply this stitch to the bottom edge of the cape just above the last stitch placed. The projection on the fabric will show how the stitch will look and its placement.

    15. Repeat for the remaining rows of decorative stitches. You can place as many rows as you like. Have fun!

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