Aug 5, 2021

Dream Big Boho Birthday

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Dream Big for your next birthday party! Give your guests personalized gifts they won’t forget. Create all of them using the Baby Lock Array and the new Magnetic Hoops! Creating these unique favors is a breeze and helps to make your next party Instagram worthy!!! And as a BONUS the designs from this project can be downloaded for FREE with the project file!

Download the project instructions and view more photos here.

Download the free designs here*:

No party is without decor! Check out this Dream Big Pennant Project here.



Hooping your pillow

  1. The Magnetic Frames for the Baby Lock Multi-Needle simplify hooping for projects like the pillow bucket and blanket. The hoop can be left on the machine and then simply slide the projects onto the machine.
  2. First cut your stabilizer a little larger than your hoop of choice
  3. Lightly spray your stabilizer with the adhesive spray of choice.
  4. With marking pen or pins measure and mark the center of the pillow form.
  5. Attach the F Frame Holder to the Array and insert the 5” X 7” magnetic hoop.
  6. If not using the Magnetic Hoop attach the Frame Holder A and hoop the Tear Away Stabilizer pillow and Hydro Melt topping.
  7. Place on the machine.

Creating your embroidery

  1. Download the Dream Big Design Collection. Place designs onto a USB or Wirelessly Transfer to the Machine using the Palette 11 software or the FREE Design Database Transfer Program.
  2. From the Home screen of the Array select the Boho Rainbow design (4x4 and 5x7 designs are included in the design collection)
  3. Touch Set.
  4. Touch Add and select the built-in Fonts.
  5. Choose from one of the 50 built-in Fonts (13 new).
  6. Type the name for your project. Touch Set.
  7. On the Edit page layout the design as desired. If needed resize the design appropriately for the pillow.
  8. Touch Edit End.
  9. Rotate the Design so it will stitch in the correct orientation for the pillow blank.
  10. Ensure the Crosshair Laser is turned on.

Placing your embroidery design

  1. Place the stabilizer inside the magnetic frame.
  2. With the pillow blank it is ideal if your pillow has a zipper opening. Unzip the pillow cover and remove any pillow insert. Insert the stabilizer and center your pillow in the hoop. Embroidering pillows on the Array is very easy using the free arm.
  3. Slide on the pillow back and position it along with the stabilizer.
  4. Use the Needle Crosshair to align the design on the marked center of the pillow.
  5. Once aligned remove any pins and slide a piece of Hydro Melt Topping on top of the pillow.
  6. Secure the hooping by re-attaching the magnets.
  7. Check to make sure any excess pillow fabric is clear of the hoop and needle area.
  8. Once placed touch Embroidery.
  9. Assign the colors in your preferred method. The Array uses either Color Memory or Manual Color Sequence.
  10. After colors are assigned thread or re-thread the Array with the coordinating threads for the design.
  11. When ready to stitch Unlock the Array to begin stitching.
  12. Stitch out the design.
  13. Use the IQ Intuition Monitoring App to monitor the embroidery progress.
  14. When complete simply remove the magnets of the frame to slide the pillow cover off.
  15. Edit the design for the next guest’s name and repeat the hooping process for the new blank.

Other great ideas for birthday party gifts are to embroider on fabric buckets to give goodies and treats to your guests. Or another type of blanks like soft fluffy blankets in addition to the pillow covers. All great ideas for those sleepover birthday parties!! And don't forget to check out the Dream Big Boho Birthday Pennant project here.

Disclaimer: These artwork and designs were created by Tacony Corporation for use with the Learn and Create projects ( and were only saved as .pes files to be used with Baby Lock machines. You may use them on whatever projects you like and sell the finished item(s). You may not sell the embroidery design files.

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