Instructor: Lora Kesilis

FontWorks - Creating Font Art

When you install the free update for your FontWorks program (version 3262), you will find that you have a brand-new way to create text. 

The new Font Art tool allows you to select a frame and fill it with randomly placed words. Learn how to create framed Font Art, or Font Art without a frame.You will see how to use True Type Fonts with the Font Art tool and even how to play with the frames without text to create an applique shape. See how you can create a custom frame for a monogram or how to use more than one frame to create a background embroidery for text. 

Join us for this class on how to use the new Font Art tool and you will be well on your way to having fun with a whole new way to create embroidered text.

Video length: 54:45 minutes

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