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Instructor: Sara Gallegos

Getting to Know Your Baby Lock Brilliant

Congratulations on your new Baby Lock Brilliant! Ready to jump in and learn more? In this online class, Sara Gallegos will introduce you to your machine and walk you through the basics, as well as, a ton of techniques to get you started on your machine! Don't forget to also watch the companion class "Brilliant - Feet & Accessories".

Video length: 40:27 minutes

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96 % of 100
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  1. 100%
    Very useful
    I have always hand stitched , and at 43 this is my first machine. The instructions in this video really helped me to get to know my machine.
  2. 100%
    excellant for a first time user . Very thorough and easy to follow
  3. 100%
    Getting to know your machine
    Very helpful. I plan on going back and listening again just to reinforce the information. the instructor was knowledgeable, spoke clearly and gave clear directions.
  4. 80%
    Getting to know your machine
    The instructor talked and moved to fast for me. I did not finish the class due to time. I will listen again. Some of us are fast learners and some a little slower.
  5. 100%
    Very informative.

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