Oct 13, 2020

Gobble It Up

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Get into the Thanksgiving spirit with this cute little Turkey appliqué embroidery design! This design is compatible with a 5” x 7” or larger hoop. Download printable instructions. Download design.




  1. With pins or a fabric pen mark where you want to place your design on your fabric.

  2. If using sticky stabilizer hoop the stabilizer with the slick side up.

    1. Gently score the top layer and remove as much of it as possible revealing the sticky stabilizer underneath.

    2. Center and stick the project to the stabilizer.

    3. If using Baby Lock Tear Away Soft layer your fabric and stabilizer center and hoop the two together within the hoop.

    4. If you used pins to mark your placement make sure to remove them before stitching!

  3. Place the hoop within the machine and pull up the design. Thread the first color and start stitching!

  4. If you've never appliquéd before check out the embroidery machine portion at the beginning of this video on How to Appliqué.

    1. In embroidery appliqué it will start with a placement stitch a tack down stitch and the embroidery/ finishing stitch.

    2. Let the placement stitch stitch out on the project.

    3. Then place a piece of remnant fabric completely over that stitch and let the tack down stitch stitch on top of that.

    4. Next gently remove the hoop from the machine without unhooping your project!

    5. Using your appliqué scissors trim as closely around that stitch as you can.

    6. Then place the hoop back in the machine to stitch out the finishing stitch.

  5. Continue working through the design until you’re finished. Happy Thanksgiving!

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