Jul 21, 2011

Have You Tried a Wing Needle?

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I love adding that little extra special touch to the things I make. It may be an unexpected bow or pleat.An extra ruffle or embroidery. I was playing around with my Babylock and a wing needle I purchased a while back. I have to admit that I had never taken it out of the package and I am embarrassed to tell you how long it has been sitting. I think on my next trip to the fabric store I will have to pick up some quality linen to test with. I love the heirloom look the wing needle creates.

The tips I have for using a wing needle are:

  1. Use a light weight embroidery thread the same or one shade darker then your fabric.
  2. Use some stabilizer under your fabric and if the holes are not defined enough use a double layer.
  3. Go slow and try not to stop while stitching this can cause an uneven and misaligned row of stitches.
  4. Natural and loosely woven fabrics work the best.

I think my first project will be hemstitched linen handkerchief for my Mother and then a pretty sundress for my daughter. Do you have a wing needle? What have you made with a wing needle? If you do not yet own a wing needle do you think you might purchase one and if so what do you want to make? Let us know we love hearing from you.

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