Dec 1, 2021
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How to Embroider a Pajama Top

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How to Embroider a Pajama Top By Stephanie Struckmann


Learn how to embroider a pajama top for your little one and their doll with this helpful tutorial. Stephanie shares which stabilizers you need to have on hand to make this the comfiest pair of pajamas.


  1. Mark the highest point (top of the design) and the center of where you would like to place your design with a fabric pen or pins.
  2. Hoop only a piece of Baby Lock Stick-Tear Tear Away Stabilizer in your 4 x 4 hoop with the shiny side up. Gently score the slick paper with a pin and peel as much of the top paper off as you can revealing the sticky under layer.
  3. For the doll pajamas open up the back closure or you might need to take out the stitches on one of the side seams to get the top to lay flat in your hoop (then just stitch it closed after embroidering). Then center the top and stick it to the stabilizer in your hoop. For the child’s top you’ll need to turn it inside out and then center and place the back side of the front of the shirt on the hoop. You can peek inside the turned shirt to find the front center pins/marks and scrunch the sides of the shirt to stick your shirt in place (as shown below). If you used pins to mark your placement remove them before stitching!
  4. Place the hoop into the embroidery unit and pull up the design in your machine. Slide (or “float”) a layer of Baby Lock Tear-Away Soft Stabilizer underneath the hoop; this will give your fabric extra stability. When the design starts stitching it will carry the extra stabilizer with it. Thread your machine and start stitching changing the colors as needed.
  5. When you’re completely done stitching gently remove as much stabilizer as possible. Then fuse some of the Baby Lock Soft Cover Up over the back side of your embroidery design so that it’s not scratchy when worn.

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