Sep 1, 2015

Introducing Teach the One 2 Sew

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Did you know that September is National Sewing Month? We are celebrating in a BIG way! Baby Lock has partnered with the ladies from Simple Simon & Co. to bring you Teach the One 2 Sew a program designed to encourage you as sewers to teach just one person to sew. Imagine how many people would be sewing if we all shared that love? It would be amazing!

Keep reading as Elizabeth from Simple Simon shares her thoughts on Teach the One 2 Sew.

Over the years I am often asked why do you sew? And while I sometimes can't answer that question without a big laundry list of why I sew….one of those reasons is to see the look on others' faces when I give away something I have made.  It's the smiles it's the tears and it's the moments when I see happiness---that's one of the reasons I love to sew.

And I truly love to teach others to sew. It brings that same smile to my heart when I see something that they have created for someone else. It’s a rewarding thing.


Recently Liz and I attended a conference where a very wise man asked us to look around the room at all of the amazing women who were sew-ers.  And then he said something that was an aha-moment for me. He asked us the question….what if all of you in this room taught one other person to sew? We would double our sewing community.

And that's how Teach the One came to be. Not only what if everyone in that room could teach one person to sew….but what if just what if everyone in the whole sewing community taught just one more person to sew...or to quilt.  Our sewing community would double. Can you even imagine?

That's what we try to do at Simple Simon and Company every day...teach the one to sew. But we know that there are so many more of you out there who love this art as much as we do and have just as much (or maybe much more) sewing knowledge to share in this community.

So we are asking for your help. Will you pledge to teach just one person to sew this month? Maybe it's a neighbor maybe it's a friend or maybe it is a child who is just starting out. It might be someone who has been asking you for awhile…or you may just have to reach out on social media and ask to find someone who would like to learn. But my hope is that you will take the opportunity to search out that someone that you can make a difference in their life...just by teaching them to sew.


I haven't found my person yet for this month (but I promise I will!) but a few years ago my daughter wanted to make a quilt for her room. So she and I went to the fabric store she picked out fat quarters and we made a pinwheel quilt together. It was one of the experiences that I think both she and I will always remember when we each see that quilt.  And not just the beautiful colors that are in that quilt...but the many hours we spent together stitching cutting laughing and making memories. That is what I will remember when I see that quilt.

It is my wish that throughout this month you will take on this challenge--because it doesn't matter what the sewing project is it can be something so simple---but it's the sewing that you can plant in another's life.  That just may grow into a sewing tree of their own.

Come back each week for a new guest post from some of your favorite women in the sewing industry. Until then consider teaching someone to sew!

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