Class Cover Stitch Machine - Accessory Feet and Attachments

By Sara Gallegos

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In this class, you'll learn how to use the feet and accessories that are available for the Baby Lock Cover Stitch Machine with Sara Gallegos. The following feet and accessories are covered in this class:

  • Fabric Guide - BLES8-FG
  • 1/2" Plain Hemmer - BLE8-S6 (more sizes available)
  • 5/8" Downturn Feller - BLE8-S8 (more sizes available)
  • Double Fold Bias Binder - BLE8-S2 (more sizes available)
  • Single Fold Bias Binder - BLE8-S4 (more sizes available)
  • Knit and Woven Bias Binder 10mm - BLCS-DFBB10 (more sizes available)
  • Belt Loop Binder 3/4" - BLE8-S12 (more sizes available)

Video length: 29:25 minutes

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