Fun and creative options so in this class we're going to explore some of the most creative features. We'll start with a variety of layout options including Mirror X 4, Scatter and Carousel. Then we'll move onto how to use the Embroidery Library designs and applique using the AccuQuilt die cut shapes included with EmbroideryWorks programs. The applique discussion will include using the AccuQuilt shapes with and without the cutter. This class should help get your creative juices flowing and send you on your way to create lots of really fun projects of your own...but WARNING-these features are addictive!

This class assumes you have already taken the Sew at Home Embroidery Works Basics Part 1 and 2 classes.

Other Products Featured: AccuQuilt die cut system

Software Featured: EmbroideryWorks Advanced, EmbroideryWorks Everyday

Video length: 63:05 minutes

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