Having evening or formal gowns hemmed can be expensive! If you know your way around a sewing machine and/or a serger, follow Stephanie Struckmann in this class as she walks you through steps to hem that dress yourself! Before showing you how to actually stitch the hem, she'll fill you in on great tips and tricks on marking and cutting that hem for a few different floor length gowns from slender to full-styled dresses. Perhaps you want to hem a long gown short? She's got you covered! After marking and cutting, you'll see 4 different methods that work great for different dress styles and fabric types. Learning how to hem evening gowns is such a valuable skill to obtain! Jump on in and let the learning begin!

Accessory feet used in this video are: Blind Hem with adjustable guide (BLG-BSGF); Hemmer Foot (ESG-HF); Blind Hem foot (comes with most machines).

Video length: 83:47 minutes

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