You can do even more with your Baby Lock Evolution serger with the Evolution 16 Foot and Accessory Kit (BLE8FTKT)! The talented Lori Hernandez will walk you through each item that comes in this kit and how to use it, sparking all kinds of inspiration! She'll even show you several different ways to use some of these accessories so you can get the most out of your feet and accessories. This class was filmed on the Baby Lock Evolution, but can be applied to any Baby Lock 8-thread serger.

Learn to use the following feet and accessories in this class:

  • Beading Foot (BLE8-BF)
  • Ruffling Foot (BLE8-RF)
  • Blind Hem Foot (BLE8-BLHF)
  • Piping/Cording Foot (BLE8-CF)
  • Lace Applicator Foot (BLE8-LF)
  • Elastic Foot (BLE8-EF)
  • Both Belt Loop Binders 3/4" (BLE8-S12) and 1 1/2" (BLE8-S11)
  • Both Plain Hemmers 1/2" (BLE8-S6) and 1/4" (BLE8-S7)
  • Pintucking Foot (BLE8-PTF)
  • Clear foot (BLE8-CLF)
  • 28mm Single Fold Bias Binder (BLE8-S4)
  • Both Double Fold Bias Binder feet 28mm (BLE8-S3) and 36mm (BLE8-S2)
  • Fabric Guide (BLE8-FG)

Video length: 63:04 minutes

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