Class Free Motion Series - Lesson 4: Couching with the Tiara

By Cathy Brown

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This class is Lesson 4 of a five part Free Motion series with award winning quilter, Cathy Brown. Cathy's easy and accessible style will have you looking for more quilt tops to be quilted!

In this lesson, you'll learn how to add couched fibers to the surface of your quilts with the optional Couching Foot set for your Tiara. Learn what kinds of fibers you can use, and which kinds of fibers will not work well. You will see how to set up for couching with your Tiara including what settings work best, choosing the right size foot, and putting it on the Tiara. Then, you will get a chance to see just how it all works as you add fibers to the surface of your quilt.

With Cathy's added bonus content, you'll get a chance to see the optional Glide foot in action and how it can help you quilt in and around raised surface embellishments on your quilt. You will love the inspirational projects at the end of this class as Cathy shows you some of her couched samples and gives you some great ideas for ways to incorporate couching into your own projects.

This lesson was filmed on the Baby Lock Tiara III, but the techniques are applicable to all Tiara versions, the Jewel, all Crown Jewel versions, and the Coronet.

Video length: 21:47 minutes

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