Class Quilter’s Creative Touch - All about Placement Part 1

By Lora Kesilis

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At the heart of the Creative Touch software is the ability to place your quilting patterns exactly where you want them on your quilt top. Knowing before you begin to stitch that the quilt pattern is where you want it to be and the exact size it needs to be creates a sense of confidence that allows you to be as creative as you want to be with your quilting.

Part 1 of this class covers the basic placement methods including One Point, Block, Four Points, and Two Points placement methods and the fill options for those placement methods. It also answers some basic questions including what to do when the bobbin runs out in the middle of quilting, how to place a design in an on point block, how to place pantograph patterns vertically and how to import new patterns into your Creative Touch software.

Software Featured: Baby Lock Quilter's Creative Touch Products Featured: Jewel, Crown Jewel

Video length: 83:58 minutes

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