There are functions built into your new Baby Lock Regalia that will allow you to customize your machine to make your quilting fast, fun and easy. This class not only explains what all those icons on the Main Screen are, but it takes you behind that Main Screen to the Tools, Settings and Information screens. Did you know that the chart with recommended needle sizes for different thread weights is in the machine, so you do not have to find the Instruction Manual? You can control the lighting level and set timers to keep track of how long it takes to stitch your project and to tell you when it is time to stop quilting. Record how much thread is on your bobbin and set an alarm to let you know when the bobbin is almost empty. You can also set a stitch counter to keep track of how many stitches are used in your quilt, and there is another counter that keeps track of every stitch ever sewn with your Regalia. Come go behind the Main Screen with me and learn just how much your new Regalia has to offer.

Video length: 50:41 minutes

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