Class Roses are Redwork - Bring Embroidery into your Quilting

By Cathy Brown

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Join Cathy Brown for this lively project class. Her years of experience as a Baby Lock Ambassador give her a wide range of knowledge on so many machines. You will certainly enjoy this class regardless of whether you're a quilter or someone who likes to embroider. This project class comes with the pattern and instructions on how to create your very own Redwork Quilt. Embroidery and quilting are both done on the Alliance and piecing is done on the Presto. This class is relevant for any sewing or embroidery machine combination from Baby Lock.

If you have the Baby Lock Alliance, see how to use the Free Motion Kit (BNAL-FM)! Cathy also spends a couple minutes showing you how embroidery software can make your embroidery more efficient, but, this class can be taken without the purchase or ownership of embroidery software.

Video length: 85:28 minutes

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