It is that time of year; the spring craft fair season has begun. This past weekend I participated in a Rotary Club sponsored event. Unfortunately the customers weren't there, but I think most of the crafters had a great time. I split my booth with two friends, which really cuts down on the cost and makes it more enjoyable for me. I think the most popular items at the show were handmade little girl knot dresses and hand smocked dresses. They were all so cute and sold like hotcakes.

I did notice that the buyers wanted to take their items home that day, most people did not want to place orders or have items shipped to them. They wanted to see what they were buying and take it home that day. I do not know if this is typical, I have not had this problem in the past, or a new trend.

Since I share my space with two other women, that means we get to take turns SHOPPING! My fun finds were, a bird feeder made with knitting needles for perches. I do not think I would have purchased it, if it did not have the knitting needles. A button bracelet, that I think is my favorite find; and a little dust bunny named Dusty, who is made out of a hand dyed cotton batting with hand embroidered eyes. I have placed him on my mantel‚where I am hoping that he will scare away the dust.

If you are looking to get into the Craft Fair circuit, check with your local Volunteer Organizations, or your local public and private high schools or alumni offices. Don't forget that splitting your booth with other crafters can work in your benefit, especially if your items complement each other. It eases the stress of making a profit and you have others there to talk up your product.

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