How-To Pressing as You Piece

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I hate ironing. I specifically buy clothes that don't need to be ironed. However, when it comes to quilting you can't get away from it -- pressing your seams is key when sewing your quilt top. And, don't be fooled, pressing is not the same as ironing -- I guess that is why I can tolerate it.

If you're like me, and just starting out, then you might not have your pressing tools in the same area as your sewing machine. I live in a small, older home that I love, but my laundry/ironing area is in the basement and my sewing machine is in the spare bedroom. I enjoy a workout as much as the next person, but all this up and down the steps after each seam is for the birds.Pressing Board Top

To solve this stepping quandry, I crafted together a little ironing table. I hijacked one of the TV trays and covered it with batting and fabric (tephlon fabric would have been nice too). Viola! An instant ironing board. So long steps, hello productivity!

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