Is it not so annoying when the fabric on the insoles of your kiddos shoes start peeling out of a perfectly good shoe? My 5-year-old won't wear them any more! So, I put myself to the task of easy DIY replacement insoles! I will say I tried a fusible/sticky stabilizer first that is made for applique and it didn't quite work as well as I wanted...it's excellent for applique! Not so much for an insole replacement. :) I am happy to share my solution that worked!

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Ok, so, first step would obviously be to remove the peeling fabric. You'll need to flatten one of them out...I know, I know, they're kind of dirty! Don't wash them though, they could very well shrink! I just placed the flattest one in between 2 paper towels and quickly pressed it enough so that i could easily trace it and get an accurate shape.

IMG_6093 copy - Copy

Next, you'll need to trace your shape (or pin it like a pattern) onto Baby Lock's Ultra Soft Fusible Stabilizer and cut out 2. Make sure that when you cut, you get 2 opposite shapes.

IMG_6095 copy - Copy

Then, following the instructions, fuse the opposite shapes to your chosen fabric. At this point, I'd recommend placing a machine straight stitch about a 1/4" in around along the edge around the entire shape for each insole.

IMG_6096 copy - Copy

Ok! Just about ready to insert those insoles! Take your insoles and your adhesive spray outdoors as recommended on the adhesive can. Place your insoles pretty side down on a large piece of paper or fabric to protect whatever surface you are spraying upon. Then, follow the instructions on the spray adhesive bottle. Mine said after spraying evenly to let sit for a couple minutes so that it could build tackiness and therefor improve it's effectiveness!

IMG_6097 copy - Copy

Then, carefully insert your insoles and press down firmly!

IMG_6103 copy - Copy

IMG_6104 copy - Copy

IMG_6105 copy

All done! Easy as that! Good as new! :) What do you think?

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