One of the very first crafty/sewing projects I learned do do when I was younger was cross stitch. My mom would get me those little 3"x 3" designs with it's own little plastic frame to proudly display it in. I still love to cross stitch, especially when I am stressed. I find the rhythmic motion of making each of those little "x"s relaxing and the end result it so satisfying. I really like how putting together colors you can create a pretty picture that can even include shading and has this wonderful texture with all of the thread.

While I still love the look of vintage patterns, just like any tried and true craft passed down, I was able to find a modern twist on cross stitch. Crafter Ruby Khan has made a Minipop Sampler which features all kinds movie and rock stars. Just a few featured are; Edward Scissorhands, George Lucas, Royal Tenenbaums family (my personal favorite), and Alfred Hitchcock. Visit her Flickr page and you can see all of the wonderful threaded xs in detail.

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