That is the question. Should you starch your quilting fabric?

First, it's important to prewash your fabric, so you don't have any shrinking, fading, etc after you have it all put together. Prewashing removes the finish that is part of the manufacturing process. Starching your fabrics after washing makes them more stable. If you decided to starch, keep in the mind the following tips.

  1. Don't mix starched and non-starched in the same project
  2. Press your fabric -- don't iron!
  3. Allow the starch to dry before pressing to reduce flaking
  4. Be careful not to scorch your fabric
  5. Starch right before use -- don't starch and store (it can create deep creases and attract silverfish)
  6. Don't starch your backing fabric -- it will make it harder to move the layered quilt through the machine.
  7. Wash the starch out when finished to soften your quilt and keep bugs away!

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