National Quilting Month ends today, can you believe it? To wrap up the festivities, we're sharing some quilting tips and tricks from our Baby Lock experts! Read and watch below to get the scoop from our team behind the scenes.

Linda Pacini--National Training Manager

Linda Rainwater 2016

"While I love collections of fabric, many times it's just a print or two in the collection that makes my heart just soar.  I will typically buy at least a half yard of the fabrics that I can't live without and then I "file" it with the fabric I already have at home.  Playing with different fabrics from different lines gives me the unique look and feel that I love for my projects.  I also really like to add a little black to just about anything I create.  Makes things POP!"

Christine Hong--Marketing Director


"My only tip is to ask for help from an experienced quilter. When I wanted to make my first quilt, I was stuck on choosing my fabrics. I was lucky that Theresa from Quilt In A Day walked through the fabric aisles and helped me select the right number and length of fabrics for my first log cabin quilt. It made all the difference because I would have talked myself out of actually making it. It's been over 10 years and I'm still proud of its horrible mitered corners. For that, I won't credit Theresa. ;)"

Chris Tyron--Creative Designer, Education

Patty Marty--National Sales Training Specialist


"When I am piecing a quilt, my must have foot is the new Baby Lock 1/4" Quilting Foot with Guide (BLSO-QGF).  I am not a fussy quilter, so this foot really has helped me to become a better quilter.  I love that my seams are more consistent therefore making my quilt tops look more professional!"

Linda Greer--Product Support Specialist


"Speed up your block piecing using the chain piecing method. Start with a scrap of fabric, sew off the edge, put two parts of your quilt block together against the presser foot and sew onto it, sew two or three stitches off the edge and place another two parts. Continue this process until you have all those identical parts sewn together. Sew off the last piece to a scrap of fabric and you are ready to start the next set. This eliminates all the cutting between each set. Just make a long "chain" and then separate them. You are now ready to start another different set or add to those pieces you just sewed together. It’s an old technique, but hopefully it will be new to some of you!"

Margo Morris--National Training Specialist

photo from Lindsay2

"Using the guideline marker on the machine makes sewing mitered seams easy, fun and fast! The guideline marker eliminates the need to mark lines on the fabric and provides an accurate sewing line. Use it on your next project that calls for half square triangles, flying geese or when you need to join strips for binding."

Cathy Brown--Baby Lock Ambassador of Education

Diane Aholt--Education Manager, Education-Baby Lock


"Instead of sewing a crosshatch pattern using a straight stitch, try a decorative stitch. My favorite is the serpentine stitch. I change the stitch width to 5.0mm and stitch length to 1.4mm. For a more dramatic effect, sew with a twin needle. Depending on the width of the twin needle and the selected stitch, you will need to adjust the stitch width accordingly so the needle doesn’t strike the foot."

Cindy Corley--Product Support Supervisor

> >"I love to add piping to my binding on finishing a quilt.  It adds a special look to the finished quilt."

Lori Hernandez--Baby Lock Ambassador of Education

Stephanie Struckmann--Video Coordinator Administrator

  > >"I love love love the guide beam on the Baby Lock Unity for creating half-square triangles. It’s such a time-saver, so efficient, and just plain cool! You put your guide beam in the center and then, offset your needle a ¼” to the left of the guide beam. Take 2 squares and place them pretty sides together, lining up your guide beam from corner to corner of your square, and stitch your first line. Flip your square around 180 degrees and run it corner to corner again. Cut from corner to corner, between your 2 stitch lines. Open your two half-square triangles and press! So easy!!"

Michelle Ahrens--Product Support Specialist

profile picture
> > "Want to make your piecing easier?  Don’t wash your fabric but do press it with Best Press spray to release any wrinkles before cutting.  The sizing in the fabric will give it more body making it easier to handle, and the best press takes out any wrinkles/folds in your fabric to give you more precise measurements.   Happy Quilting!"

Each of these lovely ladies are just a few people behind the scenes here at Baby Lock. They all bring something special to our company and the slogan "For the Love of Sewing". We hope you enjoyed celebrating National Quilting Month with us  here on Totally Stitchin'. Be sure to check back soon for more sewing celebrations, tips and tricks to help you on your sewing journey.

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