Hi everyone! I am back with another beautiful creation that I have sewn up on my Baby Lock machines. This summer has been a heatwave here in Atlanta, Ga., so I have been focused on sewing with light and breezy fabrics. While going through my UFO (unfinished objects) stash in my fabric closet, I happened upon a box of pre-prepped sewing projects that I had not sewn since I prepped them a year or so ago. The project I decided to sew first is a maxi dress with this gorgeous floral stretch crepe fabric and Simplicity 8888.


While sewing with this fabric, I handled it very delicately because it is light and slightly sheer. I did not want to line it, so I knew that I needed to finish the seams very cleanly, and the Baby Lock Vibrant serger created a clean finished serged seam. I love that the serger has adjustable tension which allows me to adjust the tension that is suitable for the fabric I am working with. For the crepe fabric I am working with, I put the upper looper and lower looper on 3 and the needle tension on 4.


Simplicity 8888 is actually an easy sew. The directions are easy to follow as well. The dress is light and breezy, and the pocket makes the dress even better. However, the fit of the bodice was a little looser than I like in the waist area, so I adjusted it by adding elastic from the bottom of the side front and back front seam. I used my Baby Lock Accord sewing machine to add the elastic to the bottom top bodice seam of the dress by using a zig zag stitch while stretching the elastic as you stitch. Adding the elastic to the dress gave it a slightly gathered look to the side seam and allowed for the fit I desired.


I really enjoyed sewing this dress and twirling in it around town. I hope that you all enjoyed reading this blog. Next time you decided to sew something, sew it with joy and purpose. I hope that you enjoy the photos below.

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