Using frames are a great way to showcase any design with a specific stitch style. There are 140 frame options and 125 embroidery designs to choose from. Why select a flower when your little one loves to play with pink soccer balls. The Baby Lock Verve is sure to put a little vigor in your embroidery.


  • Baby Lock Cut-Away Stabilizer (BLC201)
  • Baby Lock Cut-Away Fusible Cover Up Stabilizer
  • Blank baby onesie
  • Madeira® Rayon embroidery thread
  • Bobbin thread
  • Temporary Spray Adhesive
  • Water soluble marking pen



  1. Turn on the machine and set up for embroidery.

  2. To retrieve the built-in frame, click on Frames.

    Select the square frame. Then select the 004 stitch.

  3. To place the design inside the frame, follow the next set of steps

    • Click on Add. • Click on Exclusives. • Click on Kids Corner. • Select the 001 Soccer Ball design. • Click on Set.

  4. To edit the coloring on the design, follow the next set of steps.

    • Click on the Thread Color Palette Chip. • Use the Thread Plus key to forward through to the second color in the design. • From the Thread Color Palette, select a light pink thread for this area. • Click on the Thread Plus Key to advance to the third color in the design. • Click on a darker shade of pink for this area. • Click OK.

  5. Using a water soluble marking pen, place a cross-mark on the center front of the onesie.

    In the sample, the center is approximately 2 ½” from the neckline and centered between the sleeves. This will vary depending on the size of the onesie.

  6. Set up the machine for embroidery:

    • Wind the bobbin with white bobbin thread. • Place the bobbin in the bobbin case. • Using the first color in the design, thread the machine. • Hoop the cut-away stabilizer. • Lightly spray the hooped stabilizer with the temporary spray adhesive. • Place the onesie with the cross-mark, centered in the hoop. • Finger press to secure. • Place the hoop on the embroidery unit.
    • Embroider the design.

  7. Remove the onesie from the hoop.

  8. Cut away the stabilizer, close to the embroidered design.

  9. Using the Baby Lock Cut-Away Fusible Cover Up Stabilizer, cut a section slightly larger than the embroidered design.

  10. Turn the onesie inside out.

  11. Place the Cut-Away Fusible Cover Up Stabilizer over the embroidered design with the fusible side down.

    Press in place. Now, baby will not be irritated by any rough spots that may have developed due to embroidery.

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