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Materials and Supplies


  1. Hoop a piece of Baby Lock stabilizer and one of the canvas pieces in the hoop.
  2. Select a fall design to coordinate with the main printed fabric. The fall leaf used in the project pictured is a built-in design from the Baby Lock Accord machine.
  3. Position the design centered and towards the top of the canvas piece, leaving room for wording below the design.
  4. Embroider the fall design.
  5. Once the design is complete, leave the hoop on the machine and program the wording of your choice. The word "Thankful" was used here to match the print fabric.
  6. Embroider the wording below the fall design.
  7. Once all embroidery is complete, remove the hoop from the machine and the fabric from the hoop.
  8. Trim away the excess stabilizer.
  9. Sew the two canvas pieces across the top right sides together.
  10. Place the wrong sides together and trim a notch along the bottom edge to form the pointed banner centerpiece.
  11. Topstitch along the sides 1/4" in from the edge and leaving a 1/4" gap at the top to allow the ribbon to run through.
  12. Fray the edges of the banner piece up to the stitching but pulling the loose fabric edges or brushing the edges with a stiff bristled brush.
  13. Run the ribbon through the top edge of the banner. Set aside.
  14. From the printed fabric and two accent fabrics, cut three strips each 2-1/2" wide by width of the fabric. Then cut the strips in half so they are 2-1/2" x 22".
  15. Tie these strips to the ribbon on the sides of the center banner alternating the color strips as desired.

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