Project Beaded and Beautiful Serged Wedding Veil

By Stephanie Struckmann

Skill Level: Intermediate  

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Create your own unique beaded wedding veil with this fun tutorial using your Baby Lock Serger! You can either purchase a strand of beads or create your own with beads that are special to you. Download printable instructions.


  • 3 cones Madeira® Aerolock Premium Serger Thread to match veil (white or ivory)
  • Madeira® Aerofil Sewing Thread to match tulle for hand sewing
  • Tulle - at least 58 inches wide, especially if you are creating your own beaded trim
  • Variety of beads or strand of pearls
  • Invisible cording if you are making your own beading
  • Veil comb (metal or plastic)



  1. Choose the veil style and length and cut out whatever shape veil you'd like.

    1. Remember, if you are making your bead strand, you may not want a huge veil. Ours has no corners and is 36” long by 53” wide

  2. After your tulle is cut, measure the edge that your beaded trim will be sewn to and cut your strand of clear thread or strand of pearls about 20” longer.

    1. If you are using a strand of pearls, skip to step 3 now. If you are making your own strand of beads, decide upon a pattern of beads you’d like to commit to.

  3. If only one person is beading, tie a couple of knots through and around your first bead leaving an excess of thread about 5” before the first bead.

    1. Keep beading until the strand is long enough (or longer) to fit the trim edge. Tie knots at the ends securely, but not so securely that you can’t undo them if you need to adjust.

  4. With the strand beaded, we get to go to the serger now! We’re setting up for a 3-thread rolled edge.

    1. Your right needle should be in place and threaded as well as your upper and lower loopers.

  5. At the machine:

    1. Stitch type: 3-thread rolled edge

    2. Right needle position

    3. Medium stitch width

    4. Stitch length at 3-4 rolled hem

    5. Upper knife is engaged and unlocked

    6. Differential feed: N-0.6

    7. Slow to moderate sewing speed

  6. Leave a little excess (1”) of beading before you start serging onto the veil so that the serger will start pushing the beads through right away.

    1. Place your tulle into the machine near the blade, ensuring its correct position so that you are serging the hem of the veil and not the gather line.

    2. For the oval shape style veil, you serge around the entire perimeter until you meet the beginning again.

    3. Cut about a ½” off as you serge. You’ll want to keep an eye on the needle by the beads, making sure that they don’t pop off of the track!

  7. As easy as that, your veil’s hem is outlined with a beautiful beaded trim!

    1. At this point, you may need to undo those knots (so, so carefully), remove beads until they’re even with the top edge of the tulle.

    2. Then, re-tie those knots really really well (like, as permanently as you can)!

  8. Now, we need to gather at your desired gather line.

    1. Because of the beading, you may have to start with the beads behind the foot and stop short of the beading

  9. For your final step, hand-sew the comb to the veil.

    1. The plastic combs work just fine, but the metal combs are nice because they are moldable (so, they conform to the head better).

    2. Thread your hand needle with sewing thread. You’ll want the top side of the veil to be facing up and the bottom side of the comb to be facing up.

  10. Knot your thread onto one end of the comb (I like to work right to left).

    1. Lay the comb on top of the veil allowance (top of veil facing up, bottom of comb facing up).

    2. Loop the thread around each prong of the comb, catching the veil as you go. You’ll notice my gathered tulle is wider than my comb

  11. The comb then folds under when worn and fluffs the veil up as it folds under. And you're done!

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