Project Believe Double-Gauze Serger Dress

By Kelly Laws

Skill Level: Beginner  

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Be ready for spring with this serger ruffled dress made with double-gauze Cotton Embrace® fabric from Shannon Fabrics.




  1. Locate the pieces from New Look Pattern 6466 view D.

  2. Cut out the pattern pieces according to the pattern guide sheet.

  3. Once the pieces are cut out transfer all pattern markings onto the fabric with a chalk marker.

  4. Use the chalk marker to also mark any notches, when using a serger for construction these notches can be cut off and by using chalk will can see alignment points.

  5. Thread your serger for a four-thread overlock.

  6. Using the seam allowance markings located on the knife blade cover – serge the seams of the bodice together as per the instruction sheet.

  7. Thread the sewing machine and topstitch to create the neckline casing.

  8. Serge the side seams of each ruffle tier together.

  9. For the ruffle tiers attach the ruffling foot. Increase the stitch length to 4 and increase the differential feed to 2.

  10. Without cutting off any seam allowance, serge the top edge of each ruffle tier to gather.

  11. To increase the fullness of the gathers, find the two short threads in the serger tail. These short threads are the needle threads.

  12. Pull the needle threads to increase the gathering.

  13. Pin the first ruffle to the bodice according to the pattern guide sheet and aligning the chalk marks. Adjust gathers as necessary.

  14. Once the ruffle is pinned, switch back to the all-purpose foot, return the differential feed and the stitch length to normal and secure the ruffle seam

  15. Repeat adding ruffles.

  16. Insert the zipper using the sewing machine as directed by the pattern guide sheet.

  17. To hem the lower ruffle, set- the serger to a 3-thread rolled hem or a 3-thread narrow hem and reduce the stitch length to 1.

  18. To make the neckline cord. Serge a long strip of matching fabric and turn right side out.

  19. Thread the neckline strip through the neckline casing. Try the dress on and adjust the straps accordingly.

  20. Use the sewing machine to secure the cord strips to the back bodice on each side.

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