Need to charge your phone, but no where to set it while it charges? Make this simple cell phone charging station and your phone will always be safe! This small project can fit in any purse or bag, so you’ll always be ready in case your phone battery runs low. Try this quick sewing project on your Baby Lock Zest! Download printable instructions.


  • 2 Coordinating fat quarters
  • Fusible medium weight stabilizer
  • Madeira® Cotona thread for sewing
  • 7 ½” length of extra wide double fold bias tape to coordinate with fabrics
  • A Purple Thang turning tool
  • 1 - 1 9/16” diameter plastic grommet
  • Basic sewing supplies



  1. Follow the next set of steps for cutting the sections for the phone charging station:

    1. Cut two sections 6 ½” x 11” for the main body from one of the fat quarter print sections.

    2. Cut one 6 ½” x 4 ½” from the other fat quarter section for the pocket.

    3. Cut one piece 6 ½” x 11” from the fusible stabilizer.

    4. From the bias tape, cut a section 7 ½” long.

  2. Set up the machine for sewing. Wind one bobbin using the same thread color that will be used for the project. Thread the machine. Attach the “J” foot.

    1. Use a ½” seam allowance throughout this project unless otherwise indicated.

  3. Sew the wider side of the bias tape to the backside of the 6 ½” pocket’s top edge aligning the raw edges. Stitch along the fold line on the bias tape.

  4. Fold the bias tape to the front on the pocket’s top edge and press. This will enclose the raw edges. Trim the bias tape even with the side edges.

  5. Topstitch the tape in place, being sure to catch the tape on the wrong side. Sew at a slow even pace.

  6. With right sides facing up, place the lower edge of the pocket to one of the main body sections. Pin in place. Set the stitch length to 4.0. Baste along the sides and the lower edge.

  7. Fuse the stabilizer to the backside of the second main body section while following the manufacturer’s directions.

  8. With right sides together, place both main body sections together and pin in place.

  9. Set the stitch width back to 2.5 mm and stitch around the outer edge of the section leaving a 4” opening for turning.

  10. Trim the corners. Turn the right side out through the opening. Use a pointing tool to push out the corners to form a neat corner. The Purple Thang tool works well for this.

    1. Press the section flat with the seams forming the side seams.

  11. Slip-stitch the opening closed. Topstitch ¼” around the outer edges.

  12. To finish the charging station, follow the manufacturer’s directions to attach the grommet to the center top on the charging station.

    1. Center the grommet from side-to-side while placing the bottom edge of the grommet at least ½” above the top edge of the pocket.

  13. It is now time to charge your phone using your new charging station.

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