The Crossroads Quilt makes a great gift for a child. The bright colors and fun shapes will brighten up any kids' room! The car appliques are easy to use thanks to AccuQuilt! Download printable instructions.


  • 2 yard assorted colored prints from Riley Blake fabrics
  • 1½ yards of yellow print
  • 1½ yards of assorted bright prints from Riley Blake fabrics
  • 1 yard of blue print for inside border and appliquéd blue cars
  • 1 ½ yards of pink polka dot print for outer border and appliquéd cars
  • 4 yards of backing fabric
  • Batting
  • Marking pencil
  • Madeira® Quilting and embroidery thread
  • Fusible Appliqué Stabilizer from Baby Lock
  • Basic sewing supplies


  • Baby Lock Aventura Sewing and Embroidery Machine
  • EmbroideryWorks Advanced from Designers Gallery
  • AccuQuilt Die Cutter System
  • Cute Car Accuquilt Die #55354


  1. Cut the following sections from the fabrics:

    1. From one of the darkest assorted prints, cut 32 3½” squares.

    2. From the other assorted prints, cut 16 3½” squares.

    3. From the yellow print, cut 32 6½” squares.

    4. From the bright prints, cut 128 3½” squares.

    5. From the blue print, cut 5 2”x42” strips for the inner border.

    6. From the pink fabric, cut 7 2½”x42” strips for the outer border.

    7. From the bright prints, cut 7 2½”x42 binding strips.

  2. Mark a diagonal line on the wrong side of each dark print and the assorted 3½” print squares

  3. Place the two marked 3½” squares in opposite corners on the yellow 6½” square. Sew on the drawn line. Trim the seam allowance to ¼”.

    1. Press the seam in the same direction toward the small square. The block should be 6½” square. Repeat to make 32 units.

  4. Sew together four assorted 3½” squares to create 32 four-patch units. Press seams.

  5. To create one 12½” block, sew two of the four-patch blocks to two of the 6½” pieced corner block. Press the seams in the same directions. Make 16 12½” blocks.

  6. Lay out the blocks in four block rows across and four rows down. Sew the blocks together in rows and press the seams in the same direction.

    1. Sew the rows together. Press the seams in the same direction. The quilt center should be 48½” square.

  7. Piece together the blue strips for the inner border. Sew the border to the sides and then the top and bottom. Trim edges as you go. Press the seams toward the inner border.

  8. Piece together the outer border strips. Sew the outer border strips to the sides and then to the top and bottom, trimming edges as you go.

    1. Press the seams toward the outer border.

  9. Layer the quilt top, batting and backing and quilt as desired. In the sample, a stipple stitch was used.

  10. Open EmbroideryWorks.

  11. Click on Merge Design.

  12. Under the AccuQuilt Appliqué field, scroll down and select 55354 Cute Cars. Click on Select All. All of the design elements will be place on the workspace.

  13. Move the wheels and the windows sections into position on the car as desired.

  14. Save the design and send to the machine for embroidery.

  15. Set up the AccuQuilt cutter.

  16. Fuse the Stabilize It! Fusible Appliqué Stabilizer to the back side of the pink and blue fabric sections

  17. Place the fused fabric upside down on the Cute Car die and cut out the shapes while following the manufacturer’s directions.

  18. Hoop the quilt with one of the yellow quilt sections centered in the hoop.

    1. Note: no stabilizer is needed for the embroidery portion of this project.

  19. Retrieve the car appliqué design and appliqué the design while following the color stops. The first color will stitch the outline of the shape.

    1. Place the fused appliquéd shape inside the stitched line. The second color is the blanket stitch.

    2. The remaining color stops are for the wheels and the windows on the car. In the sample, white embroidery thread was used for all color stops. Repeat for the remaining cars.

    3. In the sample, there are two different colored cars (blue and pink).

    4. All of the blue cars are going in the same direction and the pink cars meet at the crossroads in the center of each of the blocks.

    5. There are 32 different hoopings for the appliquéd cars.

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