Project Cuddle Soft Serger Baby Blanket

By Kelly Laws

Skill Level: Beginner  

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Cuddle your baby with this soft plush blanket made with Shannon Fabrics Cuddle® fabrics and you can make it completely on your Baby Lock serger!




  1. This quilt is pieced entirely on the serger using a stitch and flip method.

    1. The front of the quilt is three different fabrics; a dinosaur print, a navy solid and a teal or second solid.

  2. The back of the quilt is solid using the same fabric as the second solid color (teal).

  3. Thread the serger and set it up for a four-thread stitch.

  4. Start by using the rotary cutter, mat and ruler to cut all the pieces.

  5. From the Roar Print Cuddle Fabric – Cut 3 strips 8” wide by Width of Fabric (WOF).

  6. From the Navy Solid Cuddle Fabric – Cut 1 strip 6” wide by WOF and Cut 1 strip 3” wide by WOF.

  7. From the Teal Lux Cuddle Fabric Cut:

    1. 3 strips 8” wide by WOF

    2. 3 strips 6” wide by WOF

    3. 3 strips 3” wide by WOF

  8. Note: Adding a batting layer is optional. It does increase the weight of the blanket and the difficulty level of the project.

  9. Optional -From the Light Weight Thin Batting Cut:

    1. 3 strips 8” wide by WOF

    2. 2 strips 6” wide by WOF

    3. 2 strips 3” wide by WOF

  10. To start layer one of the 8” Teal strips right side down, with an 8” Roar print right side up. If you are adding batting layer this in between the cuddle strips. Serge one long side together.

  11. To add the next row, align a 3” Teal strip right sides to the previous stitched piece, teal sides together.

  12. Then align a 3” Navy strip right sides together to the Roar print.

  13. If you are adding batting, you will add the batting to the wrong side of the quilt front strip in each section.

  14. Serge over the previous seam holding all the layers together.

  15. For each seam you will have 4 pieces in each seam or 6 pieces if you are including the batting option.

  16. Once the seam is complete, flip the 3” strips so the right sides are out, and wrong sides are touching.

  17. To the other side of the 3” strip add a 6” Teal piece right side to the Teal backing and a 6” Teal piece to the previous Navy strip.

  18. If you are adding batting, you will add the batting to the wrong side of the quilt front strip in each section.

  19. Serge the long seam connecting all the pieces together. Flip open.

  20. Continue adding strips with the 8” Roar print and 8” Teal.

  21. Next add a 3” Teal and 3” Teal for the back.

  22. Continue adding strips with a 6” Navy and 6” Teal.

  23. Finish the last strip with an 8” Roar print and 8” Teal

  24. Once you have all the strips connected, smooth out the layers and square up the edges. Trim off any selvage edges while you are squaring up your quilt.

  25. Serge around the outer edge to finish off the quilt and the loose edges.


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