Project Decorative Diamonds Serged Fabric Headboard

By Stephanie Struckmann

Skill Level: Intermediate  

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Create a beautiful focal point for your bedroom with a custom headboard. You'll learn how to use your Baby Lock serger's cover stitch with heavy decorative thread to give your fabric a wonderful texture. Download printable instructions.


  • 2 cones Madeira® Aerolock Premium Serger Thread
  • 2 to 3 spools Madeira® Decora No. 6 Thread of desired coordinating/accent color
  • Sturdy home decor fabric or medium weight fabric with interfacing
  • Wood - ¼” to ½” thick wood board for headboard base
  • Foam or mattress pad
  • Batting
  • Optional: Muslin (cut the same dimensions of your headboard) to cover backside of headboard
  • Large clear ruler with angles marked on
  • Marking utensil
  • Staple gun and staples
  • Spray adhesive
  • French Cleats - Purchase 1 or 2 to hang your headboard on the wall



  1. Figure out the dimensions you’d like for your headboard and cut the wood down to size (they cut mine to size at the home improvement store).

    1. For a queen, I had mine cut 58” wide by 48” tall.

    2. Now, you can figure out how much fabric and batting you need.

    3. Make sure you have an excess of about 5” to 6” on every side (10” to 12” total added to your length and width).

    4. I cut my fabric at 60” x 70”. Your foam padding can have a 3” excess on every side (so, add 6” total to your length and width).

  2. Lay your main fabric out, back side facing up and sketch your board dimensions plus 2 inches.

    1. Make sure that rectangle is centered and leave a 5” to 6” border around your drawn dimensions. Decide the pattern that you want to create with your serger.

    2. I wanted to serge lines that intersect to create diamonds.

    3. I used a 60° angle and (technically) a 120° angle, but you can use the 30° and 60° marks on your ruler to get the same diamonds that I created.

    4. Because we’re drawing on the back, you can lightly sketch out a couple of lines to see if you like the shapes your lines are creating.

    5. Make sure to draw all of your lines about 5” past the rectangle dimensions already sketched out on your fabric. I used the 8.5” width of my ruler for line spacing.

  3. Thread your serger for a Cover Stitch Narrow (left or right, it doesn’t matter). Refer to your Quick Reference Guide on serger settings.

    1. Your regular serger thread goes through the cover/chain needles and your decorative Madeira® thread goes through the chain looper.

    2. TIP: Place a small piece of that serger thread netting around your decorative thread so that it won’t fall off the spool too quickly and get tangled.

  4. Adjust your stitch length according to your desired look. For this project, always make sure you are stitching with the backside of your fabric facing up.

    1. The decorative stitch appears underneath as you are stitching. Line up your drawn line with one of the notches on the foot, pick one and be consistent with it.

    2. Start stitching at the beginning of your line (5” before you get to the dimension rectangle sketched out). Set your machine to a medium speed.

    3. Cover stitch all diagonals of one direction. Repeat for the opposite lines. Constantly check your decorative thread to make sure that it isn’t close to running out.

  5. After cover stitching, remove either needle and its adjoining thread, adjust the looper tension on the right of your machine to chain and you have a 2-thread Chain Stitch.

    1. Lining your serger foot up with your cover stitch lines as a guide, run this chain stitch parallel to your cover stitch lines, again, stitching on the backside.

    2. You’ll have to start at one side of your fabric and roll your entire project up as you get to the other end. And you're done!

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