Project Decorative Stitched Placemats and Napkins

By Diane Kron

Skill Level: Intermediate  

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Spruce up your dining room with these fun custom embroidered placemats and matching napkins. Use a variety of colors and decorative stitches to make this unique project. Placemat size: 12" x 18", Napkin size: 18" square


  • 2 Yards of navy blue linen fabric
  • 1 Yard of solid white cotton fabric for backing
  • Baby Lock Ultra Soft Fusible Fleece Stabilizer
  • Madeira® Frosted Matt Thread for decorative sewing (6 different colored spools)
  • Chalko pen
  • Mary Ellen’s Best Press, the clear starch alternative
  • Basic sewing supplies



  1. For the placemats: From the navy blue fabric, cut four sections that measure 14" x 20".

  2. From the lining fabric, cut four sections that measure 13" x 19".

  3. From the Baby Lock Ultra Soft Fusible Fleece Stabilizer cut four sections that measure 14" x 20".

  4. Fuse the Ultra Soft Fusible Stabilizer to the back side of each of the navy blue sections.

  5. 1) On the front side of the four navy blue sections, draw six wavy lines on the right side of the sections (as shown in the illustration).

    The lines can cross over each other. But keep in mind that decorative stitches will be placed over the lines, so leave enough space between the lines.

  6. Set up the machine for sewing:

    1. Wind a couple bobbins each from each of the colored threads.

    2. Determine the thread color layout and thread the machine with the first thread color that will be used.

    3. Place the same bobbin thread color in the bobbin case.

    4. Select Decorative Stitch number 6-056.

    5. Attach the Monogramming Foot

    6. Adjust the tension to 2.8

      Do a test-sew on a scrap of fabric to verify the accuracy of the stitch. Be sure that the scrap of fabric has the fusible stabilizer fused to the backside. Adjust any settings as needed based on the sew out.

    7. Stitch the first row on all four of the placemats.

    8. • Repeat for the next line. But select a different stitch, different thread color for the bobbin and top thread and adjust the tension.

      For accuracy, do a test-sew. The decorative stitches used for the remaining lines are 6-139, 6-152, 6-186, 6-185 and 6-262.

    9. Press each of the sections. To give the placemats a nice crisp look, spray with Best Press a Clear Starch Alternative.

  7. Trim each of the decorative stitched navy blue sections to 13" x 19".

  8. Select a straight stitch on the machine and thread the machine with a navy blue thread.

  9. With right sides together, place the white backing sections over the navy section.

    Using a ½" seam allowance stitch around the outer edge of each of the pairings while leaving a 6" opening for turning.

  10. Trim each of the corners and turn right sides out. To be sure that the corners are pointed, use the Purple Thang to push out the corners. Press.

  11. To finish the edges, top-stitch ¼" from the outer edge around the outer edge of the placemats.

  12. For the Napkins: Cut out four sections from the navy blue fabric that measure 19 ½" square.

  13. Fold over ¼" around all four sides on each of the napkins and press. Fold over again ½" and press. Use sewing clips or pins to hold in place.

  14. Set up the machine for decorative sewing while using the same thread color in the bobbin case. Attach the Monogramming Foot.

  15. Select Stitch number 7-060

  16. Sew around the outer edge of the napkins. Place the edge of the presser foot along the fold line (as shown in the following photo).

    Stitch along the edge but stop before you get to the corner with the needle down and pivot the napkin so that the next edge is even with the presser foot. Continue sewing until you have stitched around the entire outer edge while repeating these directions.


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