Project Digitized Embroidered Flower Pillow

By Diane Kron

Skill Level: Beginner  

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If you’ve been wanting to learn how to digitize, this is the perfect starter project for you! With the IQ Visionary on the Baby Lock Solaris, digitizing has never been easier. Use the precise positioning tools and easy scanning technology and you’ll have a customized pillow in no time! Download printable instructions.


  • Floral image printed (included)
  • 1 Solid colored pillow blank
  • Madeira® embroidery thread
  • Baby Lock Tear-Away Soft (BLT104)
  • 16” pillow form
  • Temporary spray adhesive
  • Basic sewing supplies



  1. Print out the line art image at the end of this project.

  2. Set up the machine for embroidery.

  3. Select the IQ Designer icon and follow the next set of steps:

    1. Select the outline type by selecting the Line Tool Key

    2. Select the Candlewick stitch option. Then select the color of your choice. The stitch will automatically be applied to the scanned flower.

    3. Click on OK to close this window.

  4. Place the printed image onto the scanning bed. Place the magnets along the top edge and the bottom edge of the bed to hold the paper in place.

  5. Scan the image by selecting the scan tool. Select the Image Scan button. When the next page opens click on Scan. The unit will scan the flower.

  6. Drag the red arrows inward to crop the flower as shown in the above illustration. The idea is to remove any unwanted areas on the scan re: the green magnets.

    1. You can use your index finger placing your finger on the one of the arrows and dragging the arrow inward. Repeat for the second arrow.

  7. Click on OK.

  8. On the next screen you can remove any unnecessary areas on the scan by moving the Gray-Scale Detection Level in either direction.

    1. I slid the arrow to the left and clicked on Set to see the changes. Review the changes using the arrow keys and choose one of the settings by clicking on the Set icon.

  9. On the next screen you can make any changes to the Size and Spacing of the Candlewicks. No changes were made to the design.

    1. But you can make any changes as desired. I like to see the default settings to see the outcome before I decide on any changes.

  10. Click on OK and proceed to the next screen. In this screen you will be exiting the IQ Designer field. Click OK to move forward to the Embroidery screen.

  11. Remove the Scanning frame.

  12. Hoop the frame of choice at this time using the fabric and stabilizer.

  13. Click on Edit option and click on Move. Center the design in the embroidery hoop. Make any other editing changes as desired at this time in the editing field.

    1. In this sample, I selected the basting stitch to be placed around the design. This will hold the pillow blank in place during embroidery.

  14. Do a test embroidery of this design. Make any changes to the design as needed. If all is well, feel free to embroider the design onto the pillow front.

  15. Hoop the stabilizer and pillow blank with the center of the pillow in the hoop. You may choose to use a temporary spray adhesive to hold the pillow blank in place.

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