Project Layered Ruffled Serger Skirt

By Diane Kron

Skill Level: Intermediate  

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Always wanted to achieve perfect ruffles on your garments? Use your Baby Lock serger! Sergers can create even and full ruffles with a few adjustments to give this skirt a fun, layered look. Download printable instructions.


  • Nie Nie Skirt pattern by Pink Fig Designs
  • Cotton fabrics for the ruffled layers (follow the pattern for yardage)
  • Madeira® Serger threads


  • Baby Lock® Serger
  • Baby Lock Sewing Machine (Optional)


  1. Follow the directions from the guide sheet on the skirt pattern for cutting out the skirt sections.

    In the sample, only four ruffled layers were used to create a shorter version of the skirt.

  2. Piece the sections together to create one section for each of the ruffled layers.

  3. To gather the sections, set the serger up for a 4-Thread Overlock Stitch with the following settings being used:

    Width set at M-7.5 Length 4 Differential feed at 2

  4. Place the fabric sections under the foot and begin to stitch the fabric, the fabric will gather as you sew.

    If you need to increase the ruffle, pull the needle thread after you have stitched around the entire section. Option: You can also use the sewing machine and ruffling foot for this portion if you prefer.

  5. Continue to follow the pattern guide sheet for assembling the skirt and applying the elastic to the waist.

  6. To finish the hem on each of the ruffles, thread the machine and set the serger up for a 3-Thread Rolled Hem stitch by using the settings:

    Length to 1.5R Width to 3.5 Differential feed to N

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