Project Hanukkah Celebration Table Runner

By Lisa Knight

Skill Level: Beginner  

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Celebrate Hanukkah by creating a fun embroidered table runner that is a perfect addition to a dinner party.

Download the project instructions here.

Download the project design here.

This project was featured in our one of our Totally Stitchin' Magazine Issues. Find more embroidery projects here.



  1. Cut fabric to approximately 25" wide and fold it in half length and width wise to find the center.
  2. Mark it with an erasable marking pen. Use a grid, perfect placement sticker, camera app or projector depending on what machine you are using for fabric and design placement.
  3. Hoop the blue fabric with stabilizer.
  4. Find the center mark and stitch the larger Star of David design in the center.
  5. Then measure 5" of space between the center design and the placement for the smaller Star of David designs. Stitch those designs.
  6. Next stitch several dreidel designs around the border. Connect the dreidel designs with decorative stitches so that it looks like the Dreidel is spinning around your table runner.
  7. Once the Star of David designs are stitched, sandwich the embroidered top fabric with two pieces of the felt fabric with right sides together and pin.

Tip: I found that using a walking foot or Digital Dual Feed foot was very helpful to keep the fabric from sliding and stretching.

  1. Start stitching with a matching blue thread in the needle and in the bobbin. Leave an opening large enough to turn the table runner right side out.
  2. Once the runner is turned right side out, finish the edge with topstitching 1/2" from the edge and close the opening that you turned the table runner through.
  3. Echo quilt around the Star of David, starting with the one in the center one. Echo quilt 1/4" from the Star and then repeat two more times.
  4. Echo around the smaller Star of David designs repeat. Repeat the steps above twice.
  5. Once the stitching is done, place and attach the Swarovski crystals.

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