Create a simple and quick bookmark from a piece of felt and a bit of decorative thread. A perfect gift to make in bulk, these bookmarks are a quick sew and an easy project for kids to make for their friends or teachers. Create your own shape or use the heart template.


  • Felt Pieces
  • Decorative Thread
  • Scissors
  • Pinking Sears



  1. Cut 2 heart shapes from felt. Be sure to use the corner of your felt pieces as edges must be at a 90 degree angle.

  2. Place heart pieces together with wrong sides together. Pin/clip and sew along the straight edges using a decorative stitch.

    1. You can decide what seam allowance to using depending on the stitch you choose - a 1/4" is ideal.

    2. Pivot at the peak when sewing the edges and backstitch at each end.

  3. Step 3: (Optional): Use pinking shears to trim all around the heart for an additional decorative element.

  4. Extras: Feel free to use different shapes so long as one corner has a 90 degree angle.

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