Make your outfit pop with a fun, quick-to-sew infinity scarf! Coordinate the fabric with your favorite outfits or make one to go with every season! These scarves come together super fast on a Baby Lock serger, so make one for yourself and everyone you know! Download printable instructions.


  • 4 Spools of Madeira Aerolock serger thread
  • ½ Yard of 54” wide fabric
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Scissors


  • Baby Lock serger


  1. Set up and thread your Baby Lock serger for a four-thread stitch.

  2. Cut one strip of fabric 18”x 54”.

  3. With right sides together fold the strip in half lengthwise and serge the strip of fabric into a tube.

  4. Turn the tube right side out.

  5. Place the open short ends right sides together using the seam for alignment.

  6. Serge the short ends together, repositioning as you go to only catch a single layer of fabric from each end and leaving an opening, so the sewn seam can turn to the inside.

  7. Using a hand needle whipstitch the opening closed.

  8. Wear and enjoy!

  9. NOTE: If using 45” wide fabric or for a longer scarf, cut two strips and serge one short end of each strip together into one longer strip before serging it lengthwise.

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