Make this adorable dress from one yard of fabric and one spool of grosgrain ribbon for your little one this holiday season. Easy peasy and festive for any event, kids will love to wear this comfortable dress made on your Baby Lock serger! Download printable instructions.


  • 1 Yard of Plaid flannel
  • 1 Roll of 5/8” wide grosgrain ribbon to match fabric
  • Madeira® serging thread
  • Basic sewing supplies


  • Baby Lock® Triumph Serging Machine


  1. Measure your little girl from the shoulders down to the spot where you want the hem to end.

  2. Cut the fabric across the width of the fabric based on the length of your little girl plus 2” for hems. So if the measurement was 23” long from shoulder to bottom edge of hem.

    1. Add 2” for a length total length of 25”.

  3. Thread the Baby Lock Serger for four thread overlock serging.

  4. With right sides together serge the selvage edges together to create a seam. Take a large enough seam so that the selvage is cut away.

  5. Refold the dress so that the serged seam is centered in the back.

  6. Press the sides and the seam.

  7. To create the armholes, measure inward along the top edges 2 ¼” and mark with an erasable marking pen and then measure 5” down along the side seams and place another mark.

  8. Draw a slight curved lined to connect the two lines. Cut on the lines to remove the corners.

  9. Fold the armhole edges under ¼” and press.

  10. Set up the Serger for Covered Hem.

  11. With the right side of the fabric facing upward, place the armhole area under the presser foot with the fabric placed under the needle and the raw edge lining up with the left needle.

    1. The goal is to catch the raw edge on the backside and to have two rows of stitching on the right side of the dress.

  12. Fold the top back and front edges under 1” and press. This will create a casing to hold the ribbon.

  13. Serge these two areas using the Covered Hem stitch.

  14. Fold under the hem 1” and press.

  15. Serge the hem of the dress while following the directions for Step 11.

  16. Place a piece of the ribbon on the right side of the dress 2” up from the bottom edge. Sew the ribbon in place using straight stitch on your sewing machine along both edges of the ribbon.

  17. Cut one piece of ribbon 2 yards long.

  18. Thread the ribbon through the top casings on the left front and then through the back casing on the dress. Pull the ribbon through the back left casing.

  19. Tie a knot on each of the ends of the ribbon.

  20. Place the dress on your little girl and tie a pretty bow on the left shoulder.

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