These pillows are the perfect holiday accent for any chair, couch, bed or bench. Using this quick, easy-to-stitch pattern from Patty Young and Emalee Grambo of MODKID, your home will be in the holiday spirit in no time! Download pattern and printable instructions


  • Baby Lock Bridging Plate Set (BLDY-FP)
  • 1 Jelly roll of Christmas print fabric
  • 1 Yard of white print fabric for back of pillow
  • Baby Lock Cut-Away Ultra Soft Stabilizer
  • Madeira® Matt embroidery thread
  • ¼” Wide Wonder Tape
  • Fiber fill for stuffing


  • Baby Lock Destiny II Sewing and Embroidery Machine


  1. To create the first pillow select the jelly roll lengths that you would like to use for the pillow.

  2. Cut the jelly rolls lengths in half to create two sections from each of the lengths. Follow the next set of steps to set up the machine.

    1. Set up the machine for sewing.

    2. Place the open toe foot on the machine.

    3. Wind the bobbin with the same color thread that will be used for the top and thread the machine.

    4. Place the bobbin in the bobbin case and replace the standard bobbin cover with the 5mm bobbin cover from the Bridging Plate Set.

    5. Select the sewing category.

    6. Select Stitch #2-12.

    7. Change the width to 7.00mm.

    8. And the length to 3.5.

  3. Place a row of wonder tape along the edge on back side of the first two jelly roll pieces. Fold over the taped edge to the backside of the fabric and press.

    1. Remove the paper from the tape and re-press to hold in place.

  4. Follow the next set of steps to sew the sections together:

    1. Place one of the turned over edge on the right side of the plate and the other on the left side.

    2. Place the folded edges of the two fabrics on each side of the raised portion on the cover plate and start to sew.

    3. Continue to guide the fabric so that the folded edges glide along each side of raised portion while going at a slow even pace.

    4. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to add additional strips to the top of the section until you have a section that is tall enough to cut out the tree shape. We pieced 7 sections together.

  5. To finish the pillow follow the next set of directions:

    1. Cut out three pieces for the pillow; one from the pieced section, one from the pillow backing print fabric and one from the Baby Lock Cut-Away Ultra Soft Stabilizer.

    2. Fuse the interfacing to the backside of the pieced section.

    3. Remove the Bridging Plate and replace with the original cover plate.

    4. Sew around the edges using a straight stitch, and with right sides together, sew the sections together leaving a 3” opening for turning.

    5. Clip the corners and curves.

    6. Stuff the pillow with the fiber fill and slipstitch the opening closed.

  6. To create the second pillow, follow the next set of steps:

    1. Using the pattern, cut out two sections from the backing fabric and one from the Baby Lock Cut-Away Ultra Soft Stabilizer.

    2. Fuse the stabilizer to one of the sections.

    3. Select four jelly roll sections.

    4. With right sides together, fold them lengthwise in half and sew to create a tube.

    5. Turn them right sides out and press.

    6. Determine the placement of the strips on the fused pillow section or refer to the image for placement and pin in place.

    7. Set up the machine for sewing and select an applique stitch.

    8. Adjust the Width to 4.25.

    9. Adjust the Length to 4.00.

    10. Applique the strips to the front section of the pillow along both edges.

    11. Trim off any excess strips from the pillow.

    12. Set up the machine with a straight stitch.

    13. With right sides together sew the back to the front section while leaving a 3” opening for turning.

    14. Clip corners and curves.

    15. Turn right side out.

    16. Stuff the pillow with the fiber fill and slipstitch the opening closed.

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