Project Home Is Where the Beach Is Framed Embroidery Art

By Kelly Laws

Skill Level: Beginner  

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Bring the warm weather indoors when you embroider this framed art. Use Color Visualizer and three different types of thread to complete this beach-themed project.


  • 20" x 20" of cotton or linen fabric
  • 20" x 20" of light- medium weight fusible interfacing
  • Madeira® Embroidery Thread (Polyneon, Rayon, and Frosted Matt)
  • Baby Lock Cut-Away Stabilizer
  • 12" x 12" mat with picture frame
  • Masking tape or decorative duct tape
  • Basic sewing supplies



  1. Setup the machine with the embroidery unit and select “embroidery.” Select “explore,” then select the beach design icon (design number 9).

  2. Set the design. Select “edit” then the color spool icon.

  3. Change your colors manually or use Color Visualizer to preview other color options.

  4. Heart your favorites to review and narrow your selection.

  5. Touch the your favorite design and choose “set” to save your new color option. Press “OK.” Press “embroidery.”

  6. Apply the Fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the backing fabric, following the manufacturers’ directions.

  7. Determine the center on the fabric and mark the spot.

  8. Hoop the cut-away stabilizer and the backing fabric in the largest hoop.

    This will give a solid foundation that will hold the stitches securely.

  9. Embroider the design using Madeira embroidery thread. For the project as shown, these types of thread were used.

    1. Madeira Polyneon in neon orange was used for the flag and starfish.

    2. Madeira Frosted Matt in Navy was used for the top lettering and the seashells.

    3. Madeira Rayon in light teal was used for the lower lettering.

  10. Remove the embroidery from the hoop.

  11. Set up the machine for sewing and change the embroidery foot to the all-purpose foot.

    1. Select a zigzag or overcasting stitch from the Utility Stitches category.

  12. Stitch over the edge of the fabric to secure all the edges and prevent raveling while framing.

  13. To frame the embroidery, place the embroidered fabric center over the mat. Pull the fabric to the back side of the mat and staple in place.

  14. Cover the ends of the fabric with masking or duct tape to give the back a neat and tidy appearance.

  15. Hang and Enjoy!

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